There are some places that have unusual ways of commuting. One of such places I have come across is in Tbilisi, Georgia. Although it has been almost two years that I have visited that place but the people have left such great memories in my mind that I feel I should write about it. The most unusual and unique form of transport that can be used each day by thousands of people in Tbilisi, Georgia (country) is Tbilisi Travelator funicular.Mt Mtatsminda station is about 15 minutes walk from the main Tbilisi market and with the great weather we decided to first go there by a taxi and return by walking. We reached at 9 pm, by this time people were just planning to return to their homes and I saw a lot of local men and women calling it their day.

The cost for each person is 2.5- 3 Lari and at the designated time the fabulous ride was there. The fonecular is a tram but just vertical at 80 degrees.
We tried standing holding the railing but we didn’t know what to expect. Within a minute, the funicular was full. We took the window side, still standing hoping for a view but unfortunately it was too dark for us to see anything outside. Just the thrill of the upcoming experience made us hooked to the tram and we didn’t click any pictures too.
The ride was up way and in about 2 minutes, we were at the top of the funicular station.
There are multiple kid rides and we saw some amusement park as well on one side which was apparently closed. There is a huge restaurant in a giant circlulat shape which was super busy as well.
We looked at the beautiful cityscape again during night it was lit like fireflies. The beauty only eyes could capture.
We took the phonecular at around 10:30 PM as the last ride was at 12 AM and we avoided getting stuck at the top of the hill.
This time, there was a queue as most of the people were in a hurry so we waited for 15 minutes for our turn. This time we knew it’s going to take us down (metaphorically) so we took a seat and held on tight.
A little goosebumps welcomed us but the thrill was still prevalent. We arrived right where we started from.
Weather was awesome and there was no taxi in sight so we figured our way back to the hotel. We walked. Having a small kid in our hands, as she was too tired to walk on Her own, and since the place has no taxi service close to midnight, no stroller ride possible as this is super bumpy. Our only possible option was to take turns hiding the kid in arms and walk briskly.The main market appeared right before our eyes after 15 min of walking on the old lanes of Tbilisi.From there we had a hearty hot meal and boarded a taxi too ( a man in his 70s’ was driving it)With this beautiful and adventurous end, we called it a day and Retired to our room.

The ride up Mt Mtatsminda through funicular is indeed spectaular.This is a upway train. It is almost all heads up and foot down when in motion. Many locals whon work at the park Mtatsminda, take this Tramway to commute everyday. Then you can walk around at Mt Mtatsminda and look at the beautiful view of the Tbilisi city. Keep an eye on my blog for more information on beautiful places to see.

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