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E safety rules for kids

When we hear about the dangerous online games that are teaching kids to bully others or attempt a dangerous act like suicide, self-harm or, stealing etc; we have to stay alert and monitor our kid’s online activities to keep the… Continue Reading →

Dishwasher as a must have for a modern home

Would I rather play with my kid; watch Netflix; or simply relax when my dishwasher is at work. Or i could choose to be in front of the kitchen sink all the time doing dishes myself. If only cleaning was… Continue Reading →

Epilator: How to use, benefits, risks, and affordability

Once upon a time, when epilator was not invented, we ladies struggled. We commuted to the saloons, waited for our turns in the beauty parlors, sometimes leaving our kids with other family members, just to finally get the hot wax… Continue Reading →

Caring for the soft water fish at home

It’s been more than a year that I have adopted these little movers. I have a kid and I preferred these cute creatures for the pet as fishes are supposed to be low maintenance and also very quiet. Also, some… Continue Reading →

What it takes to give a sibling to your kid?

I am aware that as soon as I became a first-time mother, many eyes turned towards me praying and hoping for a much-needed sibling. This started when I was holding a week old baby in my lap. Nonetheless, I get… Continue Reading →

Travelator funicular in Tbilisi, Georgia

There are some places that have unusual ways of commuting. One of such places I have come across is in Tbilisi, Georgia. Although it has been almost two years that I have visited that place but the people have left… Continue Reading →

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