Nordic Birth Basket ♥ Finland’s heritage for the world

Becoming a parent is an important step in life!!

How easy would the life be if you could serenely enjoy your pregnancy and welcome your baby with that peace of mind?

Introducing- The parenting Treasure Trove from the North: a wonderful gift or treat!

Nordic Birth Basket is a maternity box with essentials to ensure baby’s a good start in life!

Mixing excitement and apprehension. NordicBB boxes

These boxes have been designed to allow new parents to prepare smoothly for the arrival of their baby. Mothers can enjoy the pregnancy and welcome their baby with peace of mind – thanks to Nordic Birth Basket.

This box may include (depending on which package you choose):-

  • 1 pair of booties
  • 1 pair of mittens
  • 1 pair of socks (size 15/18)
  • 1 long-sleeved body
  • 1 long sleeve jumpsuit
  • 1 soft hairbrush
  • 1 finger massage gums/toothbrush: for brushing the first teeth and massage the baby’s gums during outbreaks (silicone)
  • 1 set of manicure (scissors with round ends, nail file, and nail clipper)
  • 1 baby-fly with a soft tip, to easily and hygienically eliminate baby’s nasal secretions, etc.

So, are you ready to start to equip for the arrival of the baby? or look for an original, useful and quality gift for a baby shower?

These NordicBB boxes are all composed of a cardboard box equipped with a mattress, a mattress protector, a bottom sheet to accommodate your newborn. Yes, Newborn can even sleep in this!!!! Finnish tradition.

As the baby spends the first months of his life sleeping a lot and the quality of their sleep is paramount. The baby needs their own environment to feel reassured. The cardboard box and firm mattress integrated into each NordicBB box provide a secure sleeping for the newborn. At home or in a family getaway or with friends, the baby will have its little bed, and everyone will sleep well !!!

Nordic Birth Basket has gathered the necessary items for the first months of the baby in one box.

Maternity box contains the baby’s clothing, it has the first bed for the toddler, it is very useful during the car trips, it is a toy box and storage box. Each of the NordicBB boxes will accompany mothers for a long time thanks to its evolutionary concept!

This woman run and managed Nordic Birth Basket brand, from Finland, is now available in the UAE.

How it all started:

Two ex-colleagues that had become mothers met after years of silence all thanks to the social media.

Laëtitia is a French national who lived in Finland and the other one is a Finnish expatriate in Dubai. They noticed that they both shared the same passion for working with Nokia earlier, Nokia is a Finnish brand, that made Finland innovations known outside Finland.

These super ladies have taken a pledge to export maternity boxes globally on the model that was given for more than 80 years now by the Finnish social security system to all new mothers in Finland.This is the Nordic Birth Basket (Finland)

Tuija helps Finnish innovations enter the United Arab Emirates market. This market has a lot of surprises and complexities, as they have learned together.

Very strategically, these expat ladies in Dubai are tremendously helping each other out and with the resourceful networking, things are welcomed by everyone.  They have different backgrounds but since they have all lived in Finland at some point, they are bringing their multi-disciplinary knowledge and know-how to promote this famous baby box, which they have appreciated as a mother. Hanna has been showing great energy to sort out logistics topics.

These mothers are literally on a mission for all the mothers. They are ready to surpass any limits when it comes to promoting a high-quality product, which has proven itself.

The UAE market has first been tested with small but practical kits in cooperation with online store. The 3 kits are available in their online store for bathing, feeding, and beauty.

Finland celebrated its centenary on December 6, 2017. On this occasion, Nordic Birth Basket launched a competition in social media to win a NordicBB box in Dubai.

This competition has highlighted the appeal of new and future parents in Dubai for the Nordic Birth Basket. Smart thinking!

In the future, they hope that local hospitals will offer Nordic Birth Baskets to the to the mothers. The Nordic BB team is looking forward for local partners to make it easy for more new UAE families to get the baby box, which will give them the best start in their parenting life.

Again. Nordic Birth Basket is the parenting treasure trove from the north, a wonderful gift or treat!

Check out the Nordic Birth Basket (BB) boxes at

Share your thoughts and comments on what do you think of this great idea?


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