The craziness doubles after a child come into the picture. The late night parties convert into late night feedings, burping and cleaning the bums. The mother’s dress code changes from smart casual to the distressed feeding loose tops. The fast foods become the healthier creative delicacy. Hair feels lucky if they get an oil massage and some shampoo pampering once a while. Manicure nail and nail paint look like a thing of another planet. The shopping becomes more kid-centric. The budget revolves around the child’s necessities. The happily married couple becomes a thing of the past. The center of attraction is the child in each situation.

The makeup box of the woman is replaced by the kid lotions and creams, because the bathroom amenities are replaced by the bath duckies. The towels become more colorful and the high heels gets replaced by flats to enable the mother to run after many things. The romance just dies and the kid would feel jealous if anyone even talks about his mother. Woo hoo. A long list already?

Yes, when the child enters a couple’s life, things take a swirly whirly turn. Mostly in a way, you can’t predict. You hide your valuables and dangerous things away from the child. Yet if you leave the child alone even for a minute, you might catch him red-handed with those forbidden things only. As if he was waiting for the opportunity to grab those things once you lose the supervision. If you want the child to not ruin the house, the child would then deliberately do it on purpose. If you thought your life was only the chaos then the child will unexpectedly melt your heart with the sweet gestures. Some hugs and kisses and a few new rhymes will be good enough for you to think that you have the most innocent child in the world. Their wish is now your command. If you won’t fulfill them, then you would regret. Even if it’s not something useful.

The food tale is another extreme. If they want, they will finish the last crumb on the plate and again if they want, no matter how hungry they are, they won’t even look at the food. Mothers would try to put the nutrients secretly and the child would somehow just smell it and will give it a pass.

The woman who was a free bird earlier and was bored, is now completely submerged in the care  of the precious little one. Now she doesn’t have time for herself.

Previously she never thought about any outings, now since the child is the main focus, she seldom goes outside and if ever she goes, then a big compartment sized baby bag accompanies.

Her expensive Louis Vuitton is being replaced by a hello kitty diaper bag in pink or baby blue mostly.

Previously she flaunted her hair like a diva, now for the sake of saving it from the pulling ( by the child ), she opts for a bun.

Previously there were no restrictions on alcohol/ coffee, but now she stays vigilant.

While driving, she keeps one eye on the road and another one on the child in the back seat.

No more grown-up entertainment, she remembers the children rhymes and knows which princess and action hero wears what. True story.

When she plans a holiday, she first googles the weather to make sure kids are comfortable.

After all these giggles, she calls it a day and goes to a deep sleep and the slightest movement or a sound of the child wakes her up.

She is the real-life superhero and we call her a mother. So, Hear all mothers, You rock!!!

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