My kid had a surprise holiday announced by the school due to Pope’s visit and this just added to my misery. I know it is cute to see your kids around the whole day, but when they get bored, it is important to divert them to something interesting and meaningful than just T.V. Therefore, that’s when I decided that she would stay away from Screen and the bored kid would explore the world of colors.

I thought of keeping her busy with some activities and this is one of the master blasters, that made her busy for 1 hour. She totally loved it and it didn’t require much supervision too. Although, I kept admiring her novice skills as she is a booming artist just like all the kids.

I just needed to give her some nontoxic oil colors and paint brush and a used canvas. Even if it was already painted, she enjoyed painting over it again.

This way she modified the existing painting which I was bored of already. Also, she mastered holding the paintbrush and learned the techniques of strokes and shading.

She used Arabic and English style calligraphy and used some mathematics knowledge as well.


We laughed together and she gained confidence and painting has now become her favorite time pass.

She learned how to wash the paintbrush, how to keep herself away from the wet colors and how to express her imagination on the canvas.

For many, this would look like a simple painting activity but at the age of 4 years, this was a big achievement for my little one.

Soon we tried watercolor and pencil color techniques and now my Picasso is in making at the comfort of her own home.

How do you keep your kids away from the screen and still inculcate the new learning skills?


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