Home Improvement with kids

Dishwasher as a must have for a modern home

Would I rather play with my kid; watch Netflix; or simply relax when my dishwasher is at work. Or i could choose to be in front of the kitchen sink all the time doing dishes myself. If only cleaning was… Continue Reading →

Caring for the soft water fish at home

It’s been more than a year that I have adopted these little movers. I have a kid and I preferred these cute creatures for the pet as fishes are supposed to be low maintenance and also very quiet. Also, some… Continue Reading →

Keeping the kids busy with these activities

My kid had a surprise holiday announced by the school due to Pope’s visit and this just added to my misery. I know it is cute to see your kids around the whole day, but when they get bored, it… Continue Reading →

13 Reasons why children should be involved in Gardening

All my life, I have seen how my mother kept her balcony so lush green with the natural plants and flower garden. Even though she worked a full time job, she never quit what she loved the most. Gardening. Oh… Continue Reading →

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