Babystore in UAE

With the boost in online shopping, there are plenty of options in the UAE market for mom and baby-related products. There are awesome advantages of buying online from good places and one such website is I recently discovered the… Continue Reading →

The best range of mosquito protection in market formulated for babies and kids

On my last trip to my mother’s house in Gurugram, the mosquito and bugs made a complete nuisance and my kid, who loved playing mostly at any given hour, ended up with nasty itchy bites, and scars thereafter. I checked… Continue Reading →

When In Abu Dhabi series : Abu Dhabi Marina Eye Ferris wheel ride

There are few experiences in life that can only be cherished by physically being there. One simply has to try these in order to get the best experience. One such thing that can surely be added to anyone’s bucket list… Continue Reading →

Who needs a jewelry when you can own a watch?

As a minimalistic millennial mother, I prefer just one or two pieces of accessories. One of them essentially is my cute wedding ring, and another one is my Gino Rossi Watch in silver which completes my look each day. I… Continue Reading →

The Victim of English

“Beta, Chalo aajao”. I told my daughter today. A second later, I noticed many eyes were looking at me as if I was talking something alien or something terrible. I was NOT speaking English and that what caught everyone’s attention…. Continue Reading →

Getting your daughter ready for the haircut she dreads

A long time ago, when we got our daughter’s head shaved as per hindu mundan ceremony, she was just 2 year old. We hoped that this will be easily acceptable by her. But, to our surprise, she was quite unhappy… Continue Reading →

Influenza type A treating it right

So, Two months have passed since this deadly influenza type A virus caught my 2-year-old. She had a burning fever for the whole night, the next morning was a complete chaos. We could not get an early morning appointment. We… Continue Reading →

E safety rules for kids

When we hear about the dangerous online games that are teaching kids to bully others or attempt a dangerous act like suicide, self-harm or, stealing etc; we have to stay alert and monitor our kid’s online activities to keep the… Continue Reading →

Dishwasher as a must have for a modern home

Would I rather play with my kid; watch Netflix; or simply relax when my dishwasher is at work. Or i could choose to be in front of the kitchen sink all the time doing dishes myself. If only cleaning was… Continue Reading →

Epilator: How to use, benefits, risks, and affordability

Once upon a time, when epilator was not invented, we ladies struggled. We commuted to the saloons, waited for our turns in the beauty parlors, sometimes leaving our kids with other family members, just to finally get the hot wax… Continue Reading →

The Bad Mayonnaise

Coming straight to the point, Mayonnaise is one of the worst and most unhealthy foods in the world. Mayonnaise is a bad choice and is used by restaurants as well as in homes these days as a portion of normal… Continue Reading →

What it takes to give a sibling to your kid?

I am aware that as soon as I became a first-time mother, many eyes turned towards me praying and hoping for a much-needed sibling. This started when I was holding a week old baby in my lap. Nonetheless, I get… Continue Reading →

Travelator funicular in Tbilisi, Georgia

There are some places that have unusual ways of commuting. One of such places I have come across is in Tbilisi, Georgia. Although it has been almost two years that I have visited that place but the people have left… Continue Reading →

Is that kid Cranky or just overwhelmed?

The usually happy kid sometimes throw tantrums and we, parents are like..what? They have never behaved like this before at home. Are they cranky or are they overwhelmed? Kids come with surprise element and parents can never anticipate what the… Continue Reading →

Which baby powder is safe – talc or talc free?

AT my regular baby’s pediatric appointment, I was discussing which brand of baby powder should I use for my precious one? The doctor suggested that do not use it as there is no need. But somehow I felt left out…. Continue Reading →

Balancing whole body with unique foot insoles in UAE

There was a time when I couldn’t even walk without pain in my knees. Yes, I am in my early thirties and the knee pain started in my late twenties. The blame partially goes to my shoe habits and some… Continue Reading →

Turn your wall into a collector’s gallery with sticky prints from Riotphotobooks

I am very particular about what goes on my walls and how it will look. I love the minimalistic but impressive look on my walls. The idea of putting my own pictures “as and where I like” struck me when… Continue Reading →

Keeping the kids busy with these activities

My kid had a surprise holiday announced by the school due to Pope’s visit and this just added to my misery. I know it is cute to see your kids around the whole day, but when they get bored, it… Continue Reading →

How I removed negative energy from my house?

We live a beautiful life but sometimes we feel cold, emotionless and dull. We sit back with no feelings or emotions. Just blank. If we talk to other family members, we feel unrelated and unattached. Ironically this is mostly common… Continue Reading →

Red craft ideas for school kids involving kids and parents for Red day

As per the kindergarten curriculum, all students were asked to prepare for the Red day. The guidelines suggested that the red color is of primary focus. The knowledge of Red color can be imbibed in the kids through the practical… Continue Reading →

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